2018 League Championships Schedule

Pool A Pool B
Cold Cash Orioles (1st in league standings) Fire Prevention Blue Jays (2nd)
Optimum Crush Rockies (4th) Home Building Centre Cardinals (3rd)
Slades Fire Protection Expos (5th) Matonabee Petroleum Trappers (6th)
Tamarack Thunder (7th)

Team listed in Italics on schedule is responsible for beer garden/scorekeeping/announcing duties for that game slot

Thursday, August 23rd:

6:30PM: Tamarack Thunder at Matonabee Petroleum Trappers (Rockies)

Friday, August 24th:

6:00PM: Home Building Centre Cardinals at Fire Prevention Blue Jays (Slades)

8:00PM: Slades Fire Protection Expos at Cold Cash Orioles (HBC)

Saturday, August 25th:

9:00AM: Matonabee Petroleum Trappers at Home Building Centre Cardinals (Orioles)

11:00AM: Optimum Crush Rockies at Cold Cash Orioles (Trappers)

1:00PM: Matonabee Petroleum Trappers at Fire Prevention Blue Jays (Thunder)

3:00PM: Tamarack Thunder at Home Building Centre Cardinals (Rockies)

5:00PM: Slades Fire Protection Expos at Optimum Crush Rockies (Jays)

7:00PM: Tamarack Thunder at Fire Prevention Blue Jays (Slades)

Sunday, August 26th:

9:00: Game 1: 2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B (3rd Pool A)

11:00: Game 2: 2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A (3rd Pool B)

1:00: Game 3: 1st Pool B vs Winner Game 1 (Loser Game 2)

3:00: Game 4: 1st Pool A vs Winner Game 2 (Loser Game 3)

5:00: Final: Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4 (Loser Game 4)

Tournament Rules

  • No new inning will begin after the 1:30 minute mark in round robin. No time limit for playoffs.
  • Mercy rules are 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4, 7 runs after 5.
  • Designated runners are allowed.
  • Team that finished higher in regular season standings will have choice of home/away in round robin.
  • Higher seeded team will have choice of home/away in playoffs. If teams have same seed, they will coin flip.