2019 League Championship Schedule

Note: Team in brackets and italics is expected to handle scorekeeping/beer garden for that game time. If it’s the first game of the day, please come half an hour earlier to help set up. If it’s the last game of the day, you are on until close unless otherwise indicated.

Teams will be added to the schedule as their place in the standings is confirmed.

Pool A Pool B
Home Building Centre Cardinals (1st in league standings) Optimum Crush Rockies (2nd)
Slades Fire Protection Expos (4th) Matonabee Petroleum Trappers (3rd)
Fire Prevention Prospectors (5th) Tamarack Thunder (6th)

Friday, August 23rd:

6:00 PM: Home Building Centre Cardinals vs Slades Fire Prevention Expos (Trappers)

8:00 PM: Optimum Crush Rockies vs Matonabee Petroleum Trappers (Slades)

Saturday, August 24th:

10:00 AM: Slades Fire Protection Expos vs Fire Prevention Prospectors (Thunder)

12:00 PM: Tamarack Thunder vs Matonabee Petroleum Trappers (Prospectors)

Field maintenance

2:30 PM: Fire Prevention Prospectors vs Home Building Centre Cardinals (Rockies)

4:30 PM: Tamarack Thunder vs Optimum Crush Rockies (Cardinals)

Field maintenance

7:00 PM: Game 1 – 2nd pool B vs 3rd pool A (3rd pool B)

Sunday, August 25th:

10:30 AM: Game 2 – 3rd pool B vs 2nd pool A (3rd pool A)

12:30 PM: Game 3 – 1st Pool A vs winner game 1 (loser game 2)

Field maintenance

3:00 PM: Game 4 – 1st Pool B vs winner game 2 (loser game 3)

Field maintenance

5:30 PM: Final – winner game 3 vs winner game 4 (loser game 4)

Losing team in finals on garden duty for evening

Tournament Rules

  • No new inning will begin after the 90 minute mark in the round robin and first round of playoffs.
  • Mercy rules are 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4, 7 runs after 5.
  • DR rule is in effect.
  • There is no time limit for the semifinals and finals.
  • Home team in round robin determined by higher placing team in regular season standings.
  • The home team in the playoff rounds will be determined by pool standings. There will be a coin flip if the teams have the same placing in their pool.
  • Pool play tiebreakers will be determined via SPN tiebreaking procedure.

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