2021 Summer Showdown Schedule

Note: Please see beer garden/scorekeeping schedule for YK teams. 

Pool APool B
Fire Prevention ProspectorsMatonabee Petroleum Trappers
Hay River HeatGastown Giants
Optimum Crush RockiesSlades Fire Protection Expos
Fort Simpson

Friday, June 18th:

6:30 PM: Optimum Crush Rockies vs Fire Prevention Prospectors (Gastown beer garden, Slades scorekeep)

8:30 PM: Matonabee Petroleum Trappers vs Slades Fire Protection Expos (PVC beer garden, Rockies scorekeep)

Saturday, June 19th:

8:00 AM: Fire Prevention Prospectors vs Fort Simpson (Trappers scorekeep)

10:00 AM: Optimum Crush Rockies vs Hay River Heat (Prospectors scorekeep)

Field maintenance

12:15 PM: Gastown Giants vs Slades Fire Prevention Expos (Rockies beer garden, Trappers scorekeep)

2:15 PM: Hay River Heat vs Fort Simpson (Trappers beer garden, Gastown scorekeeps)

Field maintenance

4:30 PM: Gastown Giants vs Matonabee Petroleum Trappers (Prospectors beer garden, Slades scorekeep)

6:30 PM: Fire Prevention Prospectors vs Hay River Heat (Slades beer garden, Gastown scorekeeps)

8:30 PM: Optimum Crush Rockies vs Fort Simpson (PVC beer garden, Prospectors scorekeep)

Sunday, June 20th:

9:00 AM: QF1: 3rd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B (1st Pool A scorekeeps*)

11:00 AM: QF2: 3rd Pool B vs 2nd Pool A (Loser QF1 beer garden, 1st Pool B scorekeeps*)

Field maintenance

2:00 PM: SF1: Winner QF1 vs 1st Pool A (Loser QF2 beer garden, scorekeepers TBD*)

4:00 PM: SF2: Winner QF2 vs 1st Pool B (Loser SF1 beer garden, winner SF1 scorekeeps*)

Field maintenance

7:00 PM: Final (PVC beer garden, loser SF2 scorekeeps*)

*if Yellowknife team

Tournament Rules

  • No new inning will begin after the 90 minute mark in the round robin and quarterfinals.
  • There is no time limit for semifinals and finals.
  • Mercy rules are 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4, 7 runs after 5.
  • DR rule is in effect for players over 35. DR can be used as a substitute, however, if they sub in the team loses their DR for the rest of the game.
  • Home team in round robin determined by coin flip.
  • Higher seed has choice of home/away in playoffs. If two teams with the same seed play, coin flip will be used.
  • Tiebreakers in round robin determined in this order: head to head result, run differential (max +/- 7 per game), runs against, runs for.

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